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 Handmade 14k Gold filled & 925 Sterling Silver Earrings
Introducing our exquisite Handmade Earrings in 14k Gold filled and 925 Sterling Silver. These lightweight and durable earrings are crafted for everyday comfort. Made from mineral-traced, conflict-free gold or 100% recycled sterling silver, they boast a simple yet elegant design. By choosing Le Serey's Earrings, you not only elevate your wardrobe with timeless accessories, but also contribute to sustainable fashion. Our brand is dedicated to ethical and eco-friendly practices, and we take pride in creating stylish, environmentally conscious jewelry. Discover the perfect blend of style and sustainability with Le Serey.

What our customers are saying...

  • "I just LOVE the mix & match charm options. It's like a new pair of earrings everyday!"

    Michelle J.

  • "These are truly the perfect everyday hoops. I've worn them for more than a year now and they look brand new."

    Ashley B.

  • "The stacking rings are so cute and such good quality. Thank you!"

    Becca M.

  • "Love the studs! Great quality and perfect for tiny sensitive ears. My daughter has yet to pull them out."

    Sarah M.

  • "I love my beaded chain! I wear it every single day."

    Mary B.

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  1. Huggie Hoops + Tiny Diamond Drop Charm - Le Serey
  2. Huggie Hoops + Pearl Drop Charm - Le Serey
  3. Huggie Hoops + Tiny Pearl Drop Charm - Le Serey
  4. Huggie Hoops + Lightning Charm - Le Serey
  5. Huggie Hoops + Sequin Disc Charm - Le Serey
  6. Huggie Hoops + Heart Charm - Le Serey
  7. Huggie Hoops + Leaf Charm - Le Serey
  8. Huggie Hoops + Sandollar Charm - Le Serey

Le-Serey: /sey-ray/ (n.) Meaning, “The Free”