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What does the Saint. Christopher Necklace represent? - Le Serey

What does the Saint. Christopher Necklace represent?


Hey there! I'm so excited to introduce our newest pendant necklace: The St. Christopher Necklace! When I was graduating high school, my aunt gave me a St. Christopher medallion as a gift as I was embarking on my new adventure. I converted the medallion into a pendant and wore it throughout my college days and after graduation as I moved to India and began my young career in anti-trafficking.

The St. Christopher necklace is a beautiful and meaningful symbol that has been worn for centuries by people of all faiths and backgrounds, and we are so excited to add this beautiful piece to the Le Serey collection!


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Who was Saint Christopher?

The legend of St. Christopher dates back to the 3rd century and tells the story of a giant man who devoted his life to helping people cross a treacherous river. One day, a small child asked St. Christopher to carry him across the river, and as he did, he felt the child's weight becoming heavier and heavier until it was almost too much to bear. When they finally made it to the other side, the child revealed himself to be Jesus Christ, and explained that he had carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. From that moment on, St. Christopher became known as the patron saint of travelers and was believed to protect those who wore his image from harm and danger.

What does the Saint Christopher Necklace Represent?

The St. Christopher necklace has since become a popular accessory for anyone embarking on a journey, whether it be a physical journey, a spiritual journey, or a journey through life. The pendant is often given as a gift to someone who is about to set out on a new adventure, whether it be a graduation, a new job, or a trip abroad. The necklace is a symbol of love, protection, and hope, and is a tangible reminder that the wearer is never alone on their journey!

The St. Christopher pendant necklace is also a popular item among athletes, particularly those who participate in extreme sports or activities that put them at risk of injury or harm. The pendant is believed to provide an extra layer of protection and to help the wearer stay focused and grounded during intense physical activity.

Introducing the Le Serey Saint Christopher Necklace!

We are so excited to introduce our latest addition to our pendant necklaces: The St. Christopher Pendant Necklace! It is our hope that this will be a cherished piece of jewelry for you as you embark on all life's adventures! 

Our promise:

The St. Christopher necklace is meant to be worn during all life's adventures, which means quality and craftsmanship is important! Our Sterling Silver and 14k gold filled St. Christopher necklaces are stylish, durable, and ready for wherever the adventure takes you. These necklaces are made with high-quality materials that are both waterproof and tarnish resistant, and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use - making them perfect the perfect companion for everyday or for travel. Our Sterling Silver St. Christopher necklace features a beautifully crafted scalloped medal with an intricate design of the patron saint of travelers, with the words "Saint Christopher Protect Us". Our 14k gold filled option is perfect for those who prefer the classic elegance and durability of gold, but want a more economical alternative to solid gold.


St. Christopher necklaces are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel or explore new places. With their durability and beautiful designs, these necklaces are sure to become treasured keepsakes for years to come. The St. Christopher necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that has been worn for centuries by people of all faiths and backgrounds. Whether you are embarking on a new adventure, facing a difficult challenge, or simply looking for a beautiful and meaningful accessory, the St. Christopher pendant necklace is a wonderful choice. It is a symbol of hope, protection, and love that will accompany you on your journey, wherever it may lead.

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