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Hoop Earring Charms

Get ready to level up your style game with Le Serey's Hoop Earring Charms! These sleek and fabulous charms are the ultimate match for our iconic Everyday Hoops, injecting a dose of elegance, playfulness, and sophistication into your hoops collection. Meticulously handcrafted, simply slide these charms onto your Everyday Hoops and watch them transform into a jaw-dropping statement piece. Effortlessly personalize your look. Slide them on and off to switch up your style to match your mood, outfit, or vibe without breaking a sweat. So why settle for ordinary hoops when you can rock Le Serey's Hoop Earring Charms?


What our customers are saying...

  • "I just LOVE the mix & match charm options. It's like a new pair of earrings everyday!"

    Michelle J.

  • "These are truly the perfect everyday hoops. I've worn them for more than a year now and they look brand new."

    Ashley B.

  • "The stacking rings are so cute and such good quality. Thank you!"

    Becca M.

  • "Love the studs! Great quality and perfect for tiny sensitive ears. My daughter has yet to pull them out."

    Sarah M.

  • "I love my beaded chain! I wear it every single day."

    Mary B.

  • "Great customer care! I had a small issue and customer service was quick to respond. They truly care about their customers. I’m a fan for life!"

    Tara H.

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