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Huggie Hoops with Charms

Explore timeless huggie hoop earrings with dainty charms, perfect for everyday wear. Pick a huggie with charms that represent your unique style!

What our customers are saying...

  • "I just LOVE the mix & match charm options. It's like a new pair of earrings everyday!"

    Michelle J.

  • "These are truly the perfect everyday hoops. I've worn them for more than a year now and they look brand new."

    Ashley B.

  • "The stacking rings are so cute and such good quality. Thank you!"

    Becca M.

  • "Love the studs! Great quality and perfect for tiny sensitive ears. My daughter has yet to pull them out."

    Sarah M.

  • "I love my beaded chain! I wear it every single day."

    Mary B.

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  1. Huggie Hoops + Tiny Diamond Drop Charm - Le Serey
  2. Huggie Hoops + Pearl Drop Charm - Le Serey
  3. Huggie Hoops + Tiny Pearl Drop Charm - Le Serey
  4. Huggie Hoops + Sequin Disc Charm - Le Serey
  5. Huggie Hoops + Sandollar Charm - Le Serey
  6. Huggie Hoops + Lightning Charm - Le Serey
  7. Huggie Hoops + Leaf Charm - Le Serey
  8. Huggie Hoops + Heart Charm - Le Serey

Le-Serey: /sey-ray/ (n.) Meaning, “The Free”