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Cloisonné Bangle

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Don't forget your hoops!
  • Genuine, handmade Cloisonné 
  • Brass, enamel
  • Each bangle features a hinge opening to fit most wrist sizes


About Cloisonné 

Our Cloisonné is made by artisans in Beijing who have been perfecting their art for generations. Dating back to the 13th Century, the ancient art of Cloisonné was some of the first to be exported from East to West among French and Chinese traders. Each bangle takes four to six hours to make from start to finish, as artisans solder copper wires and then carefully add enamel color to the surface. After color is applied, each piece is placed in a kiln where the fire reveals intricate designs and patterns. To finish, artisans carefully polish each piece to create a smooth surface, resulting in a truly unique and handcrafted piece of jewelry!


*Due to the handmade nature of Cloisonné, no two bangles are exactly alike. The picture represents the color of bangle and pattern you will receive, but like any hand painted work of art, yours will have slight variations that are entirely unique.