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Trend Alert: Chevron Rings - Le Serey

Trend Alert: Chevron Rings

Simple, Versatile, Everyday Classic


It’s no question that when I do pop up events, my simple stacking rings get a lot of attention. Stacking rings have become the “it” trend with fashion bloggers and celebrities, like Kate Bosworth showing off their stacks on Instagram. At Le Serey we offer nine options (and counting) available in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. But customers often want to know, which stacking ring is the most versatile and why?

The answer may surprise some, but my favorite ring is also one of the most simple rings - the Chevron Stacking Ring. Also called a “Wishbone Ring” the chevron ring is everything I love about a closet staple - it’s simple, versatile, classic, and understated.

The Chevron Ring is said to symbolize love and luck (who doesn’t love that?!) and can be worn with the point towards the wrist or away. For even more edge and an extra dose of love and luck, try layering two Chevron Stacking Rings on top of one another. Can’t choose between gold or silver? No worries! It’s usually tricky to pull off mixed metals, but the Chevron Ring is an exception. Because the shape is complementary, you can get away with stacking multiple silver or gold rings on top of one another, giving yourself even more versatility as you style your jewelry from day to day.


Chevron Rings are beautiful on its own as a simple statement ring, or pairs flawlessly with any of our other simple ring options. Want to start a stack today, but don’t know where to begin? Feel free to DM me and I can guide you as you get your stack started.


Start your stack today! Use code: stackthree at checkout for 20% off any three or more rings.



Note: Don’t let the delicate look fool you. All Le Serey stacking rings are highly durable, made from either 925 Recycled Sterling Silver, or 14k Gold Filled jewelry. Classified as demi-fine, gold filled jewelry is made from a heavy gold bonded metal that is the highest quality of real gold jewelry you can buy next to solid gold and perfect for everyday wear.



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