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Our Take: Discover The 10 Best Online Jewelry Stores of 2024 - Le Serey

Our Take: Discover The 10 Best Online Jewelry Stores of 2024

We’ve compiled 10 of the Best Online Jewelry Stores of 2024 for Every Style and Price Point.

These brands stand out for their online jewelry shopping experience, offering features such as complimentary shipping, hassle-free returns, one-of-a-kind inventory, and an easy return and exchange program.


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Investing in jewelry is a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe, as it holds both market value and sentimental worth. Gold, silver, and other metals are highly coveted for their durability and timeless appeal.


If you are a jewelry enthusiast, searching for elegant everyday pieces, or desire eye-catching statement jewelry, there are numerous reputable online jewelry stores to choose from. Our research takes into account the variety of jewelry options available, as well as the materials used and craftsmanship quality.


Keep reading to discover the best online jewelry stores of 2024.

For a pop of color: Kendra Scott




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Our Top Pick: Daphne Gold Coral Frame Multi Strand Necklace


At Kendra Scott, you can discover something suitable for everyone and every situation. Whether you are looking for everyday jewelry in solid gold or sterling silver, searching for a gift for a bridesmaid, or interested in affordable gold and silver plated pieces, Kendra Scott offers a wide variety. Additionally, the brand also offers stunning watches that complement delicate jewelry pieces beautifully.


Shipping Policy: Free shipping on orders over $100 | Return Policy: 30 days from receipt on eligible items | Metal Types: Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, gold plated, silver plated | Warranty: One-year warranty


For Everyday Basics: Le Serey



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Our Top Picks: Everyday Hoop Earrings & Stacking Rings


For timeless, everyday basics that last, look no further than Le Serey. This online jewelry brand offers a wide range of affordable necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more, all crafted from durable and high-quality materials such as sterling silver, gold filled, gold vermeil, or solid gold.


Known for their stylish and versatile hoop earrings and interchangeable charm sets, Le Serey is a popular choice for those looking to start a jewelry collection that never goes out of style. Compared to other brands, Le Serey's pieces are built to last thanks to their superior materials and design.


Shipping Policy: Free shipping on ALL orders. | Return Policy: 30 days from purchase | Metal Types: Sterling silver, gold vermeil, gold filled, and solid gold | Warranty: One-year warranty


For Solid Gold: Mejuri




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Our Top Pick: Boyfriend Bold Bracelet


Mejuri has a wide variety of materials, designs, styles, and convenience. The prices are also very competitive, especially for fine jewelry, which can add up quickly. Whether you are in need of a delicate necklace for everyday wear or something more trendy like enamel or ceramic pieces, Mejuri has everything you need.


The company offers pieces made from 14K solid yellow gold, 14K solid white gold, sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil, titanium, enamel, and ceramic. They make an effort to use recycled materials whenever possible and support communities that depend on the jewelry industry. Mejuri also utilizes responsibly sourced diamonds and only uses AAA-grade precious and semi-precious gemstones in their designs.


Shipping Policy: Free shipping on orders $75 and above, $8 standard shipping for orders under $75 | Return Policy: 30 days | Metal Types: Yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, gold vermeil, titanium | Warranty: Two-year warranty



For Lab Grown Diamonds: Clean Origin




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Our Top Pick: Darcy Ring

The distinction between lab-created and natural diamonds lies solely in their source and cost, with all other characteristics being identical. Clean Origin stands out for offering top-notch lab-grown diamonds. We enjoy shopping at Clean Origin due to their competitive prices, stunning contemporary and traditional styles, as well as their exceptional shipping and return options. Purchasing jewelry from this online store comes with complimentary next-day delivery and the reassurance of a 100-day return policy without any additional charges if the item is not suitable.

Furthermore, shopping for lab-grown diamonds from this brand is a breeze thanks to their user-friendly filter system on the website. This system allows you to easily narrow down your search by selecting the diamond's shape, price range, carat weight, cut quality, clarity, color, and certification type. Additionally, the diamond page includes a comprehensive FAQ section that simplifies the process of understanding diamonds and how to buy them. Additionally, Clean Origin provides virtual appointments to give you the traditional jewelry-buying experience from the comfort of your own home.

Shipping Policy: Free overnight shipping | Return Policy: Free shipping within 100 days of purchase | Metal Types: White, yellow, and rose gold | Warranty: Lifetime warranty


For Most Unique: Alexis Jae Jewelry




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Our Top Pick: Amethyst Tennis Necklace


When searching for high-quality jewelry, we turn to brands like Alexis Jae Jewelry for options that are both unique and contemporary while still maintaining a timeless appeal. This particular brand showcases a range of designs in both yellow and white gold, including classic thick hoops, fashionable tennis bracelets featuring colorful gemstones (and diamonds), and even some chic enamel pieces.


The brand aims to provide stunning pieces without the exorbitant price tags commonly associated with fine jewelry. As a result, Alexis Jae Jewelry offers their products at approximately 50 percent less than traditional jewelers, thanks to their direct-to-consumer business model. In addition to their accessible prices and ready-to-wear collections, Alexis Jae Jewelry also offers custom design services, allowing customers to bring their dream jewelry pieces to life through the design process — an enchanting experience.


Shipping Policy: Free shipping on orders over $250 | Return Policy: 7 days from shipment on select items | Metal Types:  Yellow and white gold | Warranty: No


For Men: JTV




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Our Top Pick: Brown Leather and Stainless Steel Brushed 8.25-inch Bracelet

Affordable and jewelry don’t always go hand-in-hand, especially if you’re looking to buy fine jewelry for the men in your life, but JTV has figured out a way to make it happen. From more affordable metal options like gold plating, platinum plating, silver, and platineve to solid gold options at 10K, 14K, and 18K, JTV has some outstanding pieces at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere.

On top of that, the company has some amazing discounts and coupon offerings, plus you can earn cash back on purchases to apply to future jewelry splurges. We own a couple of solid gold rings from JTV that cost a little less than $200 (after applying a $40 cash back and new customer coupon code) and are completely blown away by the level of quality for the price point. When compared to some of the pricier pieces in our collection, you can’t tell the difference. With that said, if you have your eye on more fine jewelry options, pay extra close attention to the metal types on the jewelry pieces, as some might be gold over brass or silver vs. solid gold. 

Shipping Policy: Free shipping over $49 | Return Policy: 30 days from shipment date | Metal Types: Gold, gold over brass, gold over silver, platinum over silver, silver, platineve | Warranty: Two-year warranty 


For Celeb Favorites: Marrow Fine




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Our Top Pick: Till Death Black Enamel Band

Engagement rings should feel as unique as the person wearing them, and Marrow Fine knows a thing or two about unique creations.

The fine jeweler got its start transforming family heirloom pieces into one-of-a-kind designs — which they still do — and then branched out into additional custom jewelry pieces as well as some of the most unique engagement ring options we’ve ever seen, including lots of fun and colorful ballerina rings and other fun options like this Peach Sapphire Double Spray Ring. Additionally, Marrow Fine also puts a gorgeous spin on classic engagement ring designs, like the thicker prong setting in this solitaire engagement ring.

Shipping Policy: Free 2-day shipping | Return Policy: 10 days from shipment for a 10 percent restocking fee and $40 insured shipping | Metal Types: Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold | Warranty: One-year warranty covers the structural integrity of jewelry (gemstones and diamonds are not under warranty)


For Whimsical: The Last Line




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Our Top Pick: Heart Twist Necklace

The final collection showcases some of the most imaginative and playful designs we've ever come across, especially in the realm of high-quality jewelry. From a colorful tennis necklace to a trendy signet ring to an ear cuff embellished with diamonds, this jewelry brand continues to impress us with its one-of-a-kind and enjoyable choices. Although you won't find extravagant and oversized maximalist pieces on the Last Line, you will discover bold items that exude a playful vibe, designed to enhance and add a touch of joy to everyday ensembles.

The final row also contains a range of metals like black rhodium, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver. Moreover, all gold items are made from recycled materials, adding a sustainable element. Although the refund policy may not be the most favorable, the free shipping eliminates concerns, especially when buying jewelry that requires a significant investment.

Shipping Policy: Free | Return Policy: Exchange for store credit only, within 7 days of receipt  | Metal Types: Black rhodium, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver | Warranty: Two-year warranty


For Timeless Pieces: Jean Dousset




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Our Top Pick: Bezel by the Yard Lab Diamond Bracelet

With its collection of classic styles and silhouettes, Jean Dousset is one of our favorite places to find timeless designs. The luxury jewelry brand offers stunning styles in the highest quality 18K yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as platinum, making it a good splurge-worthy option, too.

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, wedding bands, anniversary gifts, or bridal jewelry, the Jean Dousset collection has one of the best collections for everyday and special occasion pieces. In addition to their styles, Jean Dousset also offers amazing customer service with complimentary in-person or virtual consultation appointments.

Shipping Policy: Free shipping | Return Policy: 14 days from purchase |Metal Types: Platinum, 18K rose, yellow, white gold | Warranty: Lifetime warranty


For Handmade: Communion By Joy




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Communion by Joy makes some of the most stunning, handmade fine jewelry pieces we’ve ever seen. Most of her work is hand-carved in wax and then cast into glistening 14K yellow gold. While Joy does carry some ready-to-wear items, such as the Burst Necklace, which we bought several years ago and wear every single day, and her collection of fun and whimsical zodiac jewelry, the majority of her pieces are one-of-a-kind and made to fit the unique shape of the stone selected for the piece.

We love shopping with Joy because her work is not only gorgeous and special, but each piece is made to fit a specific energy, allowing you to build an even stronger connection to the piece you end up with. In fact, you can even shop by energy on her website, as she has a variety of jewelry pieces designed for grief, forgiveness, love, motivation, strength, and joy, of course. 

Shipping Policy: $20 flat rate shipping | Return Policy: No returns | Metal Types: Yellow gold | Warranty: No



What to Know About Online Jewelry Stores 


Before buying jewelry, ensure that the store verifies the authenticity of their items. This typically involves disclosing the metal composition and providing gemstone authentication, especially when buying a diamond. It is important that they are clear about whether the material is classified as fine or demi-fine, and how many microns of gold their gold vermeil and gold filled items have. For gold vermeil, the US standard is 2.5 microns of gold, and for gold filled, the US standard is 5 microns on real gold bonded to the base metal. 

Metal Types 

Whether you’re shopping for costume jewelry or fine jewelry, it’s important to look at the types of metals offered by a jewelry brand. For more fine options, consider gold, platinum, or silver options. When shopping for costume or demi-fine jewelry, vermeil is higher quality than plated (though both can last for years if cared for properly), and gold filled is the highest quality next to solid gold.



Finding the right size when purchasing jewelry online can be challenging. Certain companies may provide ring sizers that customers can request in advance. Many, like Le Serey may also offer online tools, such as a printable sizing chart, to guide customers on sizing rings, necklaces, and other items accurately. Nonetheless, there are also methods to determine sizing at home without assistance from a store.


We recommend using a string or a different chain bracelet to accurately measure your wrist for bracelets, adding 0.25 inches for a snug fit and 0.5 inches for a looser fit. When buying layered necklaces, we advise starting with a 16-inch chain and adding 2 inches for each additional necklace. To find the right ring size, Amazon offers various tools like the Accmor Ring Size Measuring Tool with Plastic Ring Mandrel, which provides different options for determining the size of your ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What brand of jewelry is most popular?
    There are multiple well-known jewelry brands available, depending on your personal style and preferences. One example is Le Serey, a jewelry company located in Texas, which specializes in simplistic pieces that are affordable. Kendra Scott is known for their bold statement jewelry, as well as demi-fine pieces and some costume styles. If you're looking for jewelry gifts, Mejuri is a popular choice.
    Marrow Fine is another top choice, particularly among famous individuals such as Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad, and Margot Robbie.

  • How can you tell the difference between fine jewelry and costume jewelry?
    There are multiple methods to assess the quality of jewelry, however we suggest using a magnet as a little-known trick to test the metal in your jewelry. Gold and silver do not have magnetic properties, so if the metal is heavily plated, the magnet will reveal the underlying metal.
    It is also important to educate oneself in addition to using the magnet test, especially when dealing with fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is crafted from precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, and may contain natural or lab-made gemstones like diamonds or rubies. These pieces should also display a 'hallmark' marking, which indicates the metal type used in the jewelry and is engraved on each piece. This marking can assist in determining the composition of the piece, and if it contains diamonds, she advises that the jewelry should come with a certification of authenticity.