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How to Keep Layered Necklaces from Tangling - Le Serey

How to Keep Layered Necklaces from Tangling

Layering necklaces is jewelry’s hottest trend, but fixing pesky tangled necklaces throughout the day can be annoying. And who has time to stop and detangle necklaces multiple times a day? We don’t. And we know you don’t either.

We've put together these tips and tricks to save your time and sanity so you can get back to the more important things life throws your way.

How to Keep Layered Necklaces from Tangling

  • Layer Necklaces at least 2" apart. The closer they are in length, the more likely they are to tangle. Most of our layering chains come in 16”, 18”, or 20” lengths, so you can choose the best chain styles and lengths to create your perfect set.
  • Mix chunky + dainty. Dainty necklaces tend to tangle more when paired with other dainty chains, and less when paired with chunkier chains. Choosing different chain styles, thicknesses, and weights will help keep your necklaces in place.
  • Layer daintier necklaces first, and heavier/chunky necklaces last. Because chunkier chains are heavier, they will stay in place while also helping to weigh down the daintier chains. 

Even if you follow all of these tricks, necklaces can still get naturally tangled as we move about our day, so we've come up with an even better solution:

The Magnetic Necklace Clasp:

We created our magnetic necklace detangler to help keep necklaces from getting tangled throughout the day. It’s also an amazing solution for people with mobility issues to easily layer their necklaces with a single clasp, rather than having to fiddle with multiple individual clasps. I'll add, as a busy mom who wears the same three necklaces nearly every day, the magnetic clasp is an easy on/off solution that saves me time and energy every single day.  

A necklace detangler is not a fix-all solution. Our experience is that necklaces will still tangle from time to time, especially with lots of movement, but the clasp will make it easier to manage your layered necklaces because when they do tangle, you simply unclasp the magnet, hold one end of the clasp and let the other end hang, using gravity to let the necklaces naturally twist and untangle themselves.


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