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Untangle a Necklace Quickly and Easily - Le Serey

Untangle a Necklace Quickly and Easily

How to Untangle a Necklace Using Everyday Household Items


Hey there,

Tangled necklaces are a TOTAL drag. We have had our fair share of tangled necklaces here in the Le Serey workshop. It's such a pain to have to untangle them, and it's even worse when you're in a hurry and you can't seem to get the knots out. Ugh, it is so frustrating! But before you toss your jewelry box, we’re here to help. There are multiple ways to untangle necklaces, and the best part is you can do it easily with everyday items you may have lying around your house. Read below to discover 3 easy ways to untangle necklaces without damaging the chain.


Rebekah Allen

Founder/Designer @le.serey


Learn How to Untangle a Knotted Necklace:


The Baby Powder Method:

If your chains are tangled, try baby powder.

Gather: baby powder, a safety pin or needle, and a paper towel.

What to do:

Step 1: Unclasp the necklace and spread it out on a flat surface

Step 2: Coat your necklace in baby powder. (The powder will act as a lubricant and help to loosen the knotted area.)

Step 3: Starting from the center of the knot, use your fingers and the safety pin or sewing needle to gently pull the knot apart. If needed, sprinkle baby powder again and keep going until the knot is loose enough to pull apart with your fingers.

Finish: Finally, wipe your necklace clean with the paper towel to remove any powder residue.


The Baby Oil Method:

If you don't have any baby powder, don't worry! Try these easy steps using baby oil or olive oil on your tangled chains instead.

Gather: Olive oil or baby oil, cotton swab, mild soap or jewelry cleaner, and a paper towel.

What to do:

Step 1: Unclasp Your necklace and spread it out on a hard surface.

Step 2: Dip a cotton swab in the oil and then lubricate the necklace knot to loosen up the chains. If the knot is being especially stubborn, gently work the oil into the knot by massaging it until it loosens up.

Step 3: When you're finished, cleanup is easy. Just rinse your necklace off with mild soapy water or jewelry cleaner and gently dry with a paper towel.


The Windex Method:

Here's a quick way to detangle a necklace using Windex!

Gather: Windex, cotton swab, tupperware

What to do:

Step 1: Dab some windex onto a cotton swab and apply it to the knot, then place the necklace in a small container on top of something that vibrates, like your washing machine.

Step 2: Let your jewelry sit for a few minutes. As the tangles start to loosen and unknot, rub the knot in your fingers and gently pick it apart.

Step 3: Insert a pin into the center to speed the untangling process.

Step 4: When you're ready to clean your necklace, fill a Tupperware with water and mild soap. Dip the necklace and massage it between your fingers. Rinse off with clean water and gently dry with a soft cloth.


The Safety Pin Method

If you find yourself low on the supplies needed to untangle a necklace chain, don't fret! A simple need or safety pin can do the trick.

Gather: A needle or safety pin

What to do: Slowly work away at the tangle using a safety pin, tweezer, or needle. A thumbtack, or a small screwdriver may also work. Simply insert the pin directly into the center of the knot and use it to wiggle the knot loose. Alternatively, you can use two needles, or your fingers to slowly unravel the chains. Just be careful not to break any delicate necklaces in the process.


Untangle Multiple Necklaces:

For multiple tangled necklaces, try using the baby oil method for the fastest and easiest way to get the tangles out. First undo the clasp for each necklace. Then, rub a few drops of baby oil into each knot and work them gently free with a straight pin or thumbtacks.


That’s it! I hope these tips help you quickly and easily untangle your necklaces. What about you? Drop your go to method for untangling necklaces in the comments below. 

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